Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning


Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning : You could go to a job where you just clock in and out every day, working on tasks that don’t seem to be doing anything toward a mission that you don’t really believe in.But we’re guessing you don’t want to do that (and if that’s what you’re doing now, we’re guessing you want to get out of there ASAP).Now, instead, imagine working at a place where your job could have a major impact on your company, your industry, and even the world. Where you could bring game-changing ideas to the table—and actually make them happen. Where you’re spending the majority of your day doing work that feels like it means something. Where you truly believe the company is adding something good to the world.If that sounds more like what you’re looking for, look no further than these 14 companies that provide those opportunities (and more) for their employees. And guess what? They’re all hiring.

Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning 1 8

Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning

1. Capital One
With a job at Capital One, you’ll have the opportunity to make the lives of over 65 million people easier every day by reimagining the way they manage and use their money. Capital One’s two main values of “excellence” and “do the right thing” drive everything the team there does, and employees are consistently given awesome, challenging, and valuable work that strives to make people’s lives better.

“We are really focused on things that matter to our customers. I’m thrilled to be at a company that is very humane, and to be in a position to impact how people interact with money,” shares Ryan Page, Head of Design.

And while the company’s values and commitment to customers will make a job at Capital One meaningful to your heart, the company’s data-driven culture will make it meaningful for your mind. The people at Capital One have a lot of juicy, challenging problems to solve, and they want new employees to bring their unique backgrounds and innovative ideas from day one to help solve them.

“This is a place where we want you to come and make a difference—for customers, for clients, for the community, and for yourself. At Capital One, we challenge you do great things, for great reasons,” says Jennifer Anderson, MVP of Talent.
2. Dropbox
Dropbox facilitates smooth and easy collaboration for over 500 million people and 150,000 businesses around the world. And with Dropbox Business, the company is transforming everyday workflows and entire industries.

Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning 1 9

Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning

One of the main reasons the company is so successful at helping others work together is because each team member has a voice. Every employee has the opportunity to present unique and innovative ideas, and, ultimately, to make a change at the company. Leadership empowers team members to shine, and they’re doing just that.
3. Framebridge
Framebridge, an online framing company, is changing its industry by transforming artwork and photography into stunning decor pieces with sentiment, style, and superb craftsmanship. And the best part about this company? Its mission: To make high quality framing that’s both simple and affordable—and, thus, accessible to everyone.

At Framebridge, you’ll be helping individuals every day by preserving their most treasured memories. “All of these moments that are really important to people’s lives are the things that they’re framing with us,” says Tessa Wolf, Creative Director. Because customers share such valuable possessions and memories, the team takes incredible pride in its reputation with customers and even adds a heartfelt handwritten thank you note to each order.

Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning 1 10

Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning

4. Esri
Esri is the market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software development. Its technology shows people how to use geography and technology to design more efficient cities, deliver clean water and electricity, fight crime, slow climate change, and stamp out disease. In other words, the people at Esri are showing people how to make the world better in as many ways as possible.

Employees are motivated by the company’s lofty ambitions to shape the planet, as well as the laid-back and relaxed work environment. Esri encourages collaboration among its different teams and takes pride in providing service, and the overall atmosphere at the company campus feels impassioned and community-oriented.
5. Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone understands how important it is for businesses to focus on recruiting—and retaining—quality candidates. With its unified talent management suite, the company guides its clients through the entire employee lifecycle, covering everything from talent acquisition to performance management. The team enables companies to boost productivity, performance, and, ultimately, profits.

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Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning

“It’s a company where you can come to work every day and you can work on something that is changing the way people work and hopefully changing their lives in the respect of what they’re doing in the workplace,” shares Perry Wallack, CFO. “Our software is a tool that employees in all different types of businesses across all different types of industries and verticals across the globe can use to make them better, faster, and stronger in their jobs.”
6. DriveTime
DriveTime is one of the nation’s largest pre-owned car dealerships, but it’s so much more than typical used car sales. “We’re committed to building a brand that far exceeds the expectations of what a used car or even a car-buying experience is,” says David Brennan, General Manager of the Mesa location. “We are not the industry norm. We are leaders and groundbreakers in everything that we do here at DriveTime.”

The company prides itself on finding fair financing options for folks with tricky credit issues, as well as providing potential buyers thousands of vehicles to choose from, so every customer can find the car of his dreams. And at DriveTime, hard work never goes unnoticed. When someone on the team has a big win, she’s recognized on the floor in front of the entire team.
7. Quintiles
Quintiles, the world’s biggest contract research organization, enables the healthcare and biopharma industries to take leaps forward through advisory services and technology solutions. The company focuses on development and commercial outsourcing, as well as later-stage clinical trials and laboratory testing. Through prime expertise and analytics, Quintiles helps make the world a healthier place to live.

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Where To Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning

At this company, employee experience and philanthropy are two of the top priorities. Each team member steps in and contributes to a project straight from day one, no matter what level of the organization he or she is in. The company is also extremely charitable and gives back to its community by supporting organizations with several different focuses, such as cancer and diabetes.
8. King Arthur Flour
King Arthur Flour—an American supplier of flour, ingredients, baking mixes, cookbooks, and baked goods—is 100% employee owned, so every team member’s contribution and opinion matters. The value placed on each individual seems to be paying off, as the company has created a passionate and dedicated team and just won the 2016 Employee-Owned Company of the Year award by the ESOP Association.

King Arthur Flour is a Certified B Corp and has a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. The team is extremely passionate about giving back, and each employee is provided 40 paid community service hours per year to use however he or she pleases. One activity colleagues often use their hours for is the Harpoon Point to Point, a 100-mile bike ride that raises money for the Vermont food bank. In addition, the company donates proceeds from its Bake for Good program toward hunger relief organizations and a percent of its whole wheat flour profit to 1% For The Planet, a movement that focuses on bettering the environment.
9. Odyssey
When two Indiana University students realized there was a huge lack of perspectives and ideas from the Millennial generation in the media industry, they started Odyssey, a social platform that discovers and shares a plethora of Millennial voices. This company is on a mission to truly democratize content creation and provide influencers with the opportunity to express themselves and be heard.

“Odyssey employees work in unison with a shared vision to change the way content is created, discovered, and engaged with throughout platform,” shares Evan Burns, CEO. “We seek out, hire, and only work with forward thinkers. From the second you step in our doors, people from all departments collaborate and challenge each other to ensure we provide the best experience and opportunity for creators and users on Odyssey.”
10. National Aquarium
The National Aquarium is a world-class facility that plays a huge role in the city of Baltimore and is driven by a mission of inspiring protection of the world’s aquatic treasures. A public facility and a non-profit organization, the Aquarium is focused on changing the way humanity cares for the ocean.

Through unparalleled exhibits, science-based education programs, and hands-on field initiatives, the Aquarium’s staff and programming strive to create a new community of hopeful conservationists. It is at the forefront of efforts to increase public awareness of the challenges facing our coasts and oceans and leads direct actions to improve the Baltimore Harbor, the Chesapeake Bay, and oceans around the world.
11. Understory Weather
The Understory Weather team, which is always striving to move forward and support one another, works hard to discover new ways to provide insight and early detection of weather risks that can impact insurance, agriculture, broadcast, and many other industries.

Understory Weather can detect rain, hail, wind, and other weather events directly at the Earth’s surface—where the risk to life and property is greatest. Basically, this company is constantly making a huge effort to keep people as safe as possible—a pretty meaningful effort, if you ask us.
12. LRN
Striving to help people around the world do the right thing, LRN has been the leader in corporate ethics and compliance training for more than 20 years. In addition to its proprietary learning management system and award-winning library of over 400 online courses, LRN helps organizations live their values through advisory, research, assessments, and other advanced, values-based solutions.

And at LRN, everyone has an impact, as the company structure is flat and fluid. Everyone on the team collaborates to set their yearly agendas, and all employees are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the company strategy.
13. Gallup
Gallup delivers analytics and advice to help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. Combining more than 80 years of experience with its global reach, Gallup knows more about the attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students, and citizens than any other organization in the world.

“When you join Gallup, you’re joining a very amazing organization of thinkers and researchers who are actively looking for insights to improve the lives of millions or billions of people on the planet,” shares Paul Allen, Global Strengths Evangelist. And there is plenty of opportunity to positively affect several different fields, from education to government, nonprofits to large corporations.
14. TubeMogul
TubeMogul makes advertising software that enables the world’s largest brands to streamline their global, cross-channel advertising from a single platform. By improving transparency and leveraging real-time data, the platform offers holistic planning tools, analytics, and insights across television, video, display, mobile, social, and other brand advertising and direct response initiatives.

At TubeMogul, employees at all levels are empowered to bring their big ideas to the table—and lead the charge in making them happen! “We aspire to bring innovation into every action that we take,” shares Ana Kilambi, Account Director of Media. “I love seeing the company implement the products my team comes up with,” adds Julie Lee, Senior Data Scientist.

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